to the Law Offices of James K. Sadigh, Specializing in Personal Injury and Insurance Claims

James K. Sadigh has been a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer since 1989. Along the way he has also developed several other fields of expertise. He graduated with a BA in International Relations from United States International University (now Alliant International University) in 1982....

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Personal Attention

At the trusted offices of James K. Sadigh, an experienced Los Angeles personal injury lawyer, we believe it is the responsibility of an attorney to maintain a personal presence in all aspects of a case. That’s why Mr. Sadigh meets with every client, one-on-one, on a regular basis.

Every Last Detail

We will go over every detail of your case with you, sometimes more than once. We will collect all the facts, all the relevant information, and from that formulate a winning game plan.

Determination & Focus

Overcoming all obstacles to reach a positive outcome is our objective as a team. We do this methodically and dispassionately, making sure all components are in place and the pieces of the puzzle fit together.

Belief & Results

We go into a case expecting to win. We won’t take it unless we do. For this reason, we take no money from you unless we win.

Practicing Law in California Since 1989

"Over the years I have developed considerable legal expertise in a several diverse areas of the law. But, for me, focusing on a few specialties for which I have a real passion made more sense than trying to be all things to all people. So my current practice specializes in: personal injury (car accidents, slip & fall, dog bites), wrongful termination from your job and denied insurance claims."

-James K. Sadigh-


"James handled my accident and the injuries associated with my accident. He was very helpful and walked me through the entire process. I didn't have to worry about a thing as him and his staff took care of everything with my auto insurance and my physical therapy and physician bills. If you want a professional who knows what he is doing, go see James."

Michael Eli

"I am personally not a big fan of lawyers, but Mr. Sadigh is exceptional. He is efficient, resourceful, up-to-date on his information and very thorough with his work. He truly gives attention to detail of your case and returns every single phone call. You are never left in the dark and he has a very high success rate with his cases. I recommend a consultation with Mr. Sadigh to get a positive outcome."

Noushin Motavassel