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Dr. Foojan Zeine interview with James K Sadigh about the importance of giving a helping hand on KMET 1490 AM / ABC News Radio.


For the people of California, James K Sadigh is a very popular lawyer who practices in personal injury, medical malpractice and wrongful termination and who is licensed to appear in every court of the state. But there are some heart-warming gestures from James that makes him so generous among the people.

On a recent talk show with Dr. Foojan Zein and Sara Kazimi founder of World Orphanage Foundation, James shared some of his experience as a member of World Orphanage Foundation and how he came to this social service platform. He revealed that some incidents that happened in his life shook him so much and made him a part of the World Orphanage Foundation. Once he came across one domestic violence case, which showed a lady was beaten up by her husband and she had no financial support or educational background to pull her back to normal life. Even though he doesn’t attend family law, he was very much willing to help her to get back on her feet after listening to her story. He recalled another incident that took place at his office, a woman came by and introduced herself as a military veteran who just came after an year and half service in Afghanistan. Her story was much different than the earlier one before she got deployed, she was sued for an accident and at the time she was not able to hire an attorney. Even her insurance company haven’t given her any back up and eventually, James took over her case, as the accident was not her fault and ended up in successfully defending it.

James also shared his experience with Sara Kazimi and her organization. He rejoiced that he is a proud board member of World Orphanage Foundation. When he first meets Sarah, he found that her organization was far more different than other organizations as she supports the neediest to stand on their feet giving them all the support they need and this approach of her bought some spirit to him and later decided to give all the help and support they needed. He also made sure that he will be ready to appear on whatever case he gets on behalf of the organization and contribute the money that he gets from this to the organization.

Even Sarah shared his experience and gestures by James from in and around the organization. She remarked that he is not just a board member but he spares his time to meet with the people who are involved within the organization. She added that he always keen on unity with his act and contributed so much of his time to the organization. She even pointed his work reliability, as he invests a lot of time in writing emails, restructure a lot of things in Afghanistan and even in the State. For Sarah, its action that speaks louder and she appreciated all his gesture throughout the conversation. She also added that the organization helped more than a thousand people in the United States as well in Afghanistan since 2011.

She even remembered James helping her personally on her case, the incident took place as she and her daughter was waiting on a signal in their car. Someone hit on back of her car and went away. When she discussed this incident with James, he immediately came to resolve this issue and he was willing to take over the case. She was very much thankful to James for standing by his family and at every single growth of the organization.

Before winding up James added that he has faith in humanity and whenever you do something good for someone it will come back a lot more to your life in a different way and the fulfilment we get from those things will not be comparable with anything else you do in your life and this thoughts made him help the organization.

To watch the talk show between James K Sadigh, Dr. Foojan Zein and Sara Kazimi click here.